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Three(3) Ways Your Ghana Card Can Save You From Paying E-levy


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Three(3) Ways Your Ghana Card Can Save You From Paying E-levy

The Electronic Levy which is popularly known as E-levy will officially commence on 1st May, 2022.

This levy will affect transactions which are done electronically. It is a 1.5% charge on all transactions which are above ¢100 threshold in day.

There have been series of complaints by some Ghanaians and some have even threatened to find ways to avoid payment of this tax.

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However, the use of Ghana Card can save one from paying E-levy. In today’s article, let us find out three key ways your Ghana Card can save one from paying E-levy.

#1. Transfer from Bank Account To Mobile Wallet and vice versa

If one transfers a huge amount money from his mobile money wallet to his bank account, E-levy will surely be applied. However, if one registers both his momo account and his bank with the same Ghana card, e-levy will never apply.

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This means the system will notice that the you are the same person dealing with the same wallet.

#2. Transfer between one Momo wallet to another Momo wallet

This transaction is generally known to be the the one that will give enough revenue to the government.

Having your Ghana Card registered with each mobile money wallet will not attract E-levy.

No matter the network you use, if the same Ghana is registered for all your sims, you can send as many transactions as you wish without any e-levy. However there may be mobile transfer charges by the telecoms.

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#3. Transfer between Momo and Ezwich

This will definitely attract E-levy but having your Ghana registered with both accounts will help you dodge e-levy.

Source: Isaac Amoako (Member of E-levy committee)

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