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These 3 Things Kill Relationships


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According to African traditional thinking, Character is the beauty of a woman while money is the beauty of a man.

Men listen, they lied to you people.

If you have money without a good character

You are nothing but a National Cake, cut and go Ripe Corn planted by the Roadside, anyone can pass and harvest, no woman with her right senses will keep you as her man, you know that saying, its only the foolish that goes to the market to buy the rotten goods.

  1. Secrets Destroy Marriages:
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We all have bad habits. Some habits are minor or insignificant. Other habits are very serious that when repeated, they can be extremely annoying to your spouse and they can ruin your marriage permanently.

Keeping secrets is one very bad habit that can ruin your marriage. Seriously bad habits include money secrets; secret bank accounts, secrecy credit cards, secrets loans.

They could also be secret relationships, secret conversations with your mother of father, secret lovers, secret friends, secret affairs, secret messages, secret phone calls, and secret text messages, secret Facebook accounts, etc. Whatever you hide from your spouse will eventually destroy your marriage.

The same Devil who helps you conceal your secrets with will reveal them to your spouse. Protect your marriage.

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Have an open and honest marriage. Marriage means giving your spouse open access to your whole life unreservedly. It means sharing everything. Like termites, secrets eat away they very core of marriage.

Your spouse may may forgive you the first, second or third time but repeated infraction will cause your spouse to completely lose trust in you.

Once trust is lost it is often very hard to earn it back.

  1. Lies kills marriage: no marriage can stand the test of time when lies is involved. one thing you must never bring into your relationship is to be Lieing to that person who truly loves you.
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Your partner will find it very difficult to trust you no matter how you try to work hard to makeup with your past.

  1. Double dating kills marriage: one question is why are you cheating on the person who loves you?

There’s no reason you should double date on your partner if you don’t love them it is better you break up than cheating on them.


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