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SHS Girls Tempt their Male Teachers in the Classroom


SHS Girls Tempt their Male Teachers in the Classroom

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Most beautiful girls in the Senior High Schools are found in the Home Economics department, Home Economics is the program with the most beautiful girls, followed by General Arts and Business department. Science department have few beautiful students, Science students are the most serious students in the Senior High Schools.

Management in Living is one of the elective subjects in the home economics class, managing life means getting things done to achieve life’s objective, these students are taught how to manage themselves and look presentable. General Knowledge in Arts help them to acquire knowledge in make up, one of the career opportunities in the Home Economics department is make up artist.


Home Economics classroom is always full of girls, in some schools one or two boys are found in the Home Economics classroom. These students make fun of their male teachers when they enter their classroom to teach, male teachers in the home economics class without confidence cannot stand in front of these girls. When a male teacher pronounce a word wrongly, the teacher is given a name by these students, male teachers are not comfortable in teaching home economics class.

Nedved self media interacted with male teachers in some selected Senior High Schools in the country, ninety percent of the male teachers indicated that, the girls in the home economics class are interested in their beauty instead of their books. There are few girls in the home economics class who are serious, they are sometimes influenced by the majority.

When a male teacher enter their classroom, they look at the flap of their trousers, male teachers are embarrassed in the Home Economics classroom.

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One of the teachers who spoke to Nedved self media reveals how he was tempted by one of the girls in the class, the girl was seen with a phone in the class, the teacher attempted to ceased the phone since phones are not allowed in the school, the girl quickly placed the phone in between her breast and asked the teacher to remove it.

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These girls always open the top button of their uniform just to display their breast when a male teacher is in their class, some pulled up their skirt to display their tights to their male teachers.

Male teachers who are not able to control themselves engaged in love affairs with their students, some of these girls engaged themselves in prostitution to get money to cater for themselves.

Male teachers have to be careful with these girls to avoid embarrassments. A teacher should set rules and regulations in his class and make sure his students obey the rules, this will help the teacher to control his class.


Suliaman Alhassan Cobbiah is a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle, Sulaiman is a fun loving person, loves to research, educate and many more.

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