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Say Goodbye To Buying Pregnancy Tests. Use This Instead


Say Goodbye To Buying Pregnancy Tests. Use This Instead

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You don’t necessarily have to buy pregnancy tests all the time when you suspect to be pregnant. Remember to use the first urine of the day.

  1. ​Toothpaste pregnancy test
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Get a white tooth paste, then add two tablespoons of the toothpaste in a container. Add your urine to it. Should the toothpaste change its colour and become frothy, then you are pregnant.

  1. ​Vinegar pregnancy test

Add two tablespoons of white vinegar in a plastic container. Pour your urine to it and mix properly. Should the vinegar change its colour and form bubbles, you are pregnant.

  1. ​Baking soda pregnancy
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Mix two tablespoons of baking soda and add two tablespoons of urine. If you see bubbles, then you are pregnant.

  1. Salt pregnancy test

Mix urine and salt in equal parts. Give it a minute. If the salt forms a creamy white clump of sorts, it means a positive result.

  1. Sugar pregnancy test
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Mix one tablespoon of sugar in a bowl with one tablespoon of urine. If the sugar starts forming clumps, it means you are pregnant.


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