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President Akufo Addo To Release Restrictions On Funerals, Weddings, Pubs And Beaches


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President Akufo Addo To Release Restrictions On Funerals, Weddings, Pubs And Beaches, Things To Expect In Nations Address

Ghana has been in danger after the covid-19 pandemic started in China and crossed the borders of our dear country, since the number of cases on covid-19 started increasing there have been several restrictions on the lives of Ghanaians which has affected our normal way living and most importantly our businesses.

There are always new restrictions whenever the number of cases on covid-19 increases and these rules affect events consisting of mass gathering of people, examples are churches, schools, funerals, weddings, nightclubs, pubs and beaches.

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During the 23rd nations address, the president imposed new restrictions on social gatherings to help hault the spread of the virus, this was done because of the abnormal increase in the number of cases recorded on the disease few weeks after the 2020 general elections.

In early February 2021, Ghana was opportunist to be the first country to receive the free covid-19 Vaccines from the UN-partnered COVAX initiative India, the government have already made distribution of these life saving vaccines across the country, and since then there have been a significant change in our daily count after the introduction of the vaccines. Initially, not less than 500 cases were recorded everyday but with the presence of the covid-19 Vaccines, the number of cases recorded daily has drastically reduced which is a good news.

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Ghanaians are calling on the government to ease some of the restrictions since there has been decrease in the spread of the virus and things are going back to normal as it way before.

President Akufo-addo, which has been his official duty to update the country on measures taken against the spread of the virus could consider releasing some the restrictions which were imposed during the high spread of the disease so that citizens who owns or earns from working in pubs, clubs and other places could start their business but should follow all the safety protocols.



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