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“Never marry a man who already has a child” – Lady warns with amazing reason


“Never marry a man who already has a child” – Lady warns with amazing reason

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A lady has advised her fellow women to avoid marrying a man who already has a child with another woman or have themselves to blame.

The lady simply identified as Dr. Toolz took to social media to give the advice and added a heartbreak emoji.

According to her, the risk involved in marrying a man who has a child with another woman is that he is more likely than not to continue sleeping with the mother of the child.

It is unclear if Dr. Toolz has suffered heartbreak as a result of marrying such a man, for which reason she thought it prudent to save other women from such fate.

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“Never marry a man who already has a child. The mother of his child will always sleep with him,” Dr. Toolz wrote on her Twitter page.

However, the question that arises is whether or not it is advisable for a man to marry a woman who has a child with another man, if the logic behind her warning to women is anything to go by. Will the woman with the child continue to sleep with the father of the child?

In similar news, a female pastor has decided to ignore societal pressure and remain single even if for her entire life, saying “I can’t control someone coming into my life”.

Reverend Jacqueline Othoro of Purpose Centre Church from Kenya has therefore urged young people to stop going beyond their means to please society.

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According to her, certain milestones perceived as parameters for success by society are pushing the youth into doing all sorts of things to fake a good image of themselves.

The woman of God cited the perception that getting married or attaining financial prosperity by age 30 as some of the pressures that young people have had to grapple with.

“We are putting a lot of pressure on younger people. There are people who will hire a car for the weekend just to be seen driving so that people can see that they have a car,” she asserted while speaking on NTV’s show Your World.

Reverend Jacqueline Othoro boasted about being 52 years old and was still single and childless, saying what matters to her most is the fact that she is still alive and has lost nothing as a result of the singleness or childlessness.

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She disclosed that growing up, she planned to get married by age 28 but although her dream never came to pass, it didn’t compel her to go above and beyond to please anyone.

“I am 52 years old, still single and with no children. I am alive and that’s critical. I had a goal to get married by 28, I am 52 now and still single, I didn’t die or lose anything. Learn to be flexible with goals that you can’t control, I can’t control someone coming into my life,” she said as quoted by

Reverend Othoro was however quick to add that she is not against goal-setting but such goals must be realistic and not meant to please anyone.


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