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How To Get More Personal Power


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What is the most powerful thing you can do? The lesson we get from the world religions, and from myths of the world, and the thing we know intuitively is – the most powerful thing you can do is create the world. We all create our own world.

The victim, of course, thinks it all happens around him or her; that they had nothing to do with it.

According to Nancy Fenn, a coach who works in this area with introverts, “It’s the creative position, as in ‘I create everything that is in my life.’ And reading myth the way Joseph Campbell suggests, ‘I created this world. If it does not please me, I can destroy it and create a better one… And probably I should!’”

Affirmations will get you conscious of the part you played in creating the world you now live in.

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·I am powerful.

·I am a powerful creator.

·I have created and I will create.

·I begin in the now moment to create what it is I want in my world.

·I create with my thoughts in the now moment.

·What I am thinking right now is what will show up in my world in the future.

Claiming your Personal Power means accepting responsibility for what’s going on.

“If you’re feeling hopeless and helpless, you may not like the situation you’re in, but you did create it,” says Fenn. “If you could create this, you could create something else.”

In working to increase your Personal Power, it’s important to stay in the NOW moment. There is no other power.

“It is not in the past,” says Fenn, “so there is no point dwelling on past mistakes. It is not in the future, there is no future yet. To have personal power, you must be in the present moment.”

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I suggest to my clients working in this area, who want to move from the victim position, that they use affirmations, starting with accepting they are a conscious creator of their own world.

In EQ terms, it’s called defining yourself from the inside out. (I AM creative. I AM a coach.) Not from the outside in, “People think I’m…” or “I do accounting,” or, even worse, “I have a home in the Bahamas.”

End your affirmations, as you proceed to move forward with: “I got myself into this situation. Now I will get myself out.”

“If you got this stuff to happen,” says Fenn, “just get conscious and you can use the same energy to create something you consciously want.”


Suliaman Alhassan Cobbiah is a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle, Sulaiman is a fun loving person, loves to research, educate and many more.

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