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How To Break Evil Marriage.


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Spiritual marriage is a kind of partnership that is usually happened in spiritual realms. In this case, if one is having a spiritual husband or wife the possibility of him or her having physical companionship becomes standstill. There are so many mediums of one getting coupled with spirit marriage, the commonest one usually comes from one’s family. This happens when an ancestral family plants a spirit in the name of something be it for the protection of the family or to request something such as babies, wealth, power for leadership, and many more desires. When a family goes for the spirit and the one who went for it refuses to tell anyone about what that entity wants as a sacrifice than to some extent the spirit begins to prove stubborn. Stubborn spirit can spiritually get in touch with a person in a family as a place of abode. Apart from spirit forcing itself to one’s connection, the behavior of a person can lead to spirit marriage, for instance wearing short dresses can attract strange spirits into your life.

The word of mouth by someone with spirit can lead to spiritual marriage. For example, when one gives birth to a newborn baby, some elderly used to appreciate the beauty of the child then this individual turns to say: my wife or my husband and because words are powerful it can establish a spiritual link. This spiritual marriage can also come as a result of having an affair with someone who is already married by an unseen entity. A person married to a spirit finds it very difficult to get physical marriage.

They always experienced promised and failed relationships, marriage in spirit individuals often experienced setbacks in life especially material promise and fail apart partnership failures.

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Should in case this person is fortunate to get married it most times results to a whole lot of marital problems such as unhappiness in marriage, fighting, unending hardship, luck of child, disappointment in business deals, rampant sickness, debt, discourages and many unrest life situations. Most of the above cases are as a result of you and the spirit fighting on one person who the spirit for a long time got married to. In this case, if he destroys all your things you will surely divorce the lady or the man so that he can be in charge of the relationship.

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The choosing of the person to marry was done by our parents in the ancient era and before our forefathers admit their child to go into a specific marriage, they usually used to do spiritual consultation to see if all things are in place for the actual marriage to take off.

At some point, if they realize that they have to do something, they will do it before both families come to terms to perform the traditional marriage. Examples of the things they do to make marriage joying were, they allow the man or the woman to go to plug some hand full of pawpaw leaves, traditionally it is said that they have to point on gloves before the plug the pawpaw leaves, he or she will bring it home and straight put it in motor for the next day, what happens was that they will pound the leaves and mix it with water then by adding local or rock salt to it so that both the male and female can use it to bathe before they originally perform the marriage rites, in this instance, when these couples get married, it will last and in joy as well.

Do this to break spiritual marriage that is disturbing you, I mean if you experience intercourse in your dreams then do this to save your life from spirit marriage.

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You will need scent leaves, Sasamasa leaves, Emmenee Leaves, And Nuunum Leaves.

Pound them together, mix it with river/rain/borehole water, and add rock salt, use it to bathe for seven days. In every evening, you collect in calabash, send it to bathe room finally you will need local egg one for each day.

When you are about to bathe, make sure to put the egg in between your foot and start bathing, after bathing with your free hands in prayers to stop that spiritual marriage, the moment you finish the bath make sure to use something on your hands so that you can pick the egg and hit it on the ground away from where you took your bath.

Do this for seven days and you will be free.


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