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Here are the benefits of sleeping with your pregnant wife


Here are the benefits of sleeping with your pregnant wife

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Its strange and funny how so many people go on a long vacation when they get pregnant or abandon their wives when they get pregnant in terms of sleeping with them. The reasons or excuses are many but before I touch on the many misconceptions some have, I will like to encourage pregnant women who will like their husbands to sleep with them to also put in some effort to get them attracted.

Just because you are pregnant does not mean you shouldn’t take good care of yourself. Bath well and regularly because of the numerous hormones in your system due to the pregnancy. Dress well and look good but don’t stay down and look unattractive and expect your husband to come to you.

Dont keep saliva in your mouth for long otherwise it can put your partner off. Get a neat container for that purpose if you can’t move often. The secret is that you need to try as much as possible to be normal in your way of life and attract your guy.

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When it comes to misconceptions that people have about sleeping together during pregnancy, notable among them is that, the semen will spill on the baby and might kill it. The manhood might be hitting the baby’s head and affect it. The woman wouldn’t feel for it during that stage. She will get pregnant again.

When a woman conceives, her cervix is closed. When she sleeps with her man, the semen cannot go through the cervix because there is also a mucus plug to prevent anything from entering. The manhood cannot pass through the cervix into the womb. Most women rather feel for it when they get pregnant. When a woman gets pregnant, the hormones prevents ovulation which is the release of the egg from the ovary.

The only exception is when the doctor or midwife has indicated that it can cause a problem for the pregnancy due to vaginal bleeding, repeated miscarriage, early labour treatment or anything else that poses risk.

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Now lets take a look at some of the benefits of sleeping together when pregnant so if you are there or when you get there, you will not put yourself on hibernation in terms of sleeping together

  1. Sleeping together during pregnant is a form of exercise for the lady. This also keeps her active and healthy because it burns out calorie and keeps blood pressure in check.

  2. Sleeping together has the ability to activate the “feel good hormones” in the system. If the pregnant woman is happy, it makes the unborn happy because of their connection.

  3. During pregnancy, it offers the couple or partners the opportunity to “explore certain positions” they may not have tried before. Sometimes you even later adopt those ones as your favourite even after delivery.

  4. It creates a “bond” between the partners as the two people do not have to “fast” for over 9 months. When sleeping together continuous during pregnancy it doesn’t break the flow between them.

  5. It is even more enjoyable during pregnancy especially for the woman because of the different hormones in her system and also the blood flow in her vulva.

  6. During pregnancy, the woman experiences different hormones which can be very uncomfortable but sleeping together during pregnancy can help clear most of it as it can make her sleep soundly.

  7. Sleeping together during pregnancy can make delivery easier, this is because the sperm is rich in hormone known as prostaglandins which helps in uterus contractions.

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It is equally important to say that its not every pregnant woman who feels like sleeping together. Respect the decision of the woman if she doesnt feel for it or not comfortable with sleeping together.

Care need to be taken so as not to contract any Sexually Transmitted Infections as this can also affect the unborn if care is not taken.

Sleeping together during pregnancy is not harmful and can happen throughout the nine month or the pregnancy period unless doctor has said otherwise.

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