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Breaking: All students will go home soon (Check full details)


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The deadly pandemic keep causing massive distortion towards the progress of this nation.

When Ghana first reported two cases, all social gatherings were banned to curb the spread of the deadly pandemic.

This initiatives helped the country to curb the spread of the novel pandemic. Students stayed in their various chambers for almost 10 months.

Now the case of the deadly pandemic keeps rising.

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The number of the infected citizens keep increasing.

Although education is important yet life is very precious. The government must react fast to close down all schools.

Many countries have again banned all social gatherings after realising that the number of the infected citizens keep increasing.

This policy they keep implementing has helped and still helping the foreign countries.

In other countries,schools are closed down to protect the lives of the citizenry.

This is the time Ghanaians also must react fast before the disease eat up our lives.

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Now some students have been infected with this kind of the deadly pandemic.Initially, the infected students were 143 but now it has increased to 287, this keep on increasing and everyday cases are recorded in the educational sector.

According to the information gathered so far by the interview segment with one of the educationist in Ghana clearly redefines that very soon the students will go home.

If students are being allowed to go home,the disease will be curbed.Please keep your comments coming,like and share this article.


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  1. The way the pandemic is increasing, I suggest the government should act fast by closing all schools. On paper, the covid 19 protocols are being observed in the schools but in reality, there are series of violations because of the overcrowding nature of most schools.

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