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Best S3x Positions Every Women Should Learn


Best S3x Positions Every Women Should Learn

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Some relationship has been really frustrating because they didn’t enjoy s3x, just because they don’t even know where to start .

Most especially, women feeling disappointed by their s3x life, wondering what to do to improve their s3x life in the relationship.

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Women are more likely than men to be unsatisfied with their s3x lives .

S3x doesn’t have to be a race to orgasm, It can be an experience of pleasure, connection and love.

Here Are Best S3x Positions To Try.

When having s3x with your partner, ask how you want it. There’s no shame in asking.

(1) Swimmer Style: lie on his front with your legs and arms extended over your heads like your are swimming. Your man lies on top of you, bring your feet closer together for a tighter squeeze.

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(2) You can also squeeze your legs together to make your vagina feel tighter and create more friction for both of you .

(3) If you are not well balanced or uncomfortable with the position, demand for a support to lift you.

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For example: a pillow to support your legs.

(4) Change position whether d0ggy style, c0w style etc.

(5) Tell your partner if he is not doing it good. Whether you want it to go more Dipper, hard or too fast.

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