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Bedroom secrets – How to make her feel like a real woman


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Most men find it difficult to satisfy a woman, this makes some really beautiful looking relationships end on hard rock. So in this article, we are going to take an in-depth look into some of the things you should do to make her feel special. Don’t forget to click on the follow button for more interesting content.

Making that special lady feel like a real lady shouldn’t be a hustle for you, just try and read to the end and discover the secrets. Well, you can thank me later.

SET THE MOOD FOR THE DAY – Because you know what’s going to happen later that afternoon or evening, you have to plan ahead. Start the day on a romantic mode, surprise her with breakfast in bed, tell her nice things, compliment her, tell her how beautiful she is looking. And should you go out, call her and tell her you just want to tell her that you miss her and ask her to prepare for you your favourite food and don’t hang up without saying I love you.

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GET A GIFT FOR HER – Because of the plan, when coming back home, come along with a gift for her. Give her a warm hug and tell her how stressful your day was because of her absence and how much you miss her.

EAT WHAT SHE PREPARED FO YOU – Yes, at first make it seem like you are in a hurry to eat what she prepared for you, at this juncture, she would ask you to take your bath first, now humbly require from her to join you in the bath. After taking your bath, eat what she prepared and tell her how good of a cook she is, you can place a kiss on her forehead and before she says thank you, interrupt her by telling her you love her.

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NOW THE REAL DEAL – Now that you have done 80% of the job, you are left with only 20% and this is the time for the most important part of the task. But because you have already set the mood for the day, getting her into that mood shouldn’t be difficult at all, she will already be in the mood.

Take your time, play with her and try teasing her for like 30 mins but pay critical attention to her breathing.

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You can now start the main game but remember to always whisper sweet words into her ears, start slow and increase the speed subsequently.

When you feel you are about to cum yet her body language suggests she is not satisfied then pause for a while, caress her just to give your boiling blood some time to cool.

When you feel your temperature is down, continue on a slow tempo once more until she is satisfied.

You can allow her to doze off with her head on your chest whilst you hold her hand.


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