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All Universities To Be Reopened And Other Borders, Things To Expect In The Nations Address Today


Ghanaians Expect These From The President As He Addresses The Nation Today

With covid 19 becoming a new normal in our world today, it has become compulsory for Heads of States to give updates to their citizens on the development of the virus and measures put in place to curb the disease.

The president have been always updating the country on the issues of covid-19 and some measures taken against the spread of corona virus. This would be the 18th time the president is addressing the country and Ghanaians are ready to hear the next phase of easing restrictions which is about reopening of all schools and borders.

The total number of confirmed cases of covid-19, number of recoveries and the number of deaths associated will be announced as usual.

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The president will give an update to the citizens on how far the JHS and SHS form 2 students are protected and the measures putten in place to continue the protection of the children. There will also be updates on Reopening of the borders, After reopening of the Kotoka international Airport, we have received a number of cases on covid-19 and they are been dealt with, the president will address what is happening at the airport after reopening.

Also there will an update on whether the other borders, that’s by sea and land are going to be reopened or not.

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Education has become an integral part of human life in general. Almost about 25 years of our lives are spent all in schools and we have gotten used to this. It is normal for students to want to take a break from school when were in school but we never anticipated one as long as this.

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After the president failed to reopen all universities and basic schools, some students who were anticipating a reopening took to social media to express their various disappointments and feelings.

The president could consider the reopening of all universities despite covid-19 pandemic still exist because the government have reopen schools for many students and they are well being taken care of within this pandemic so the government may reopen all tertiary schools.

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  1. If universities are resumed, will the students go and come back to vote in their various constituencies? How will pay them their transportations?

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