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8 body parts that drives her crazy she wants you to touch.


8 body parts that drives her crazy she wants you to touch.

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  1. Her brain region

If you’ve heard the saying that a woman’s brain is the largest genital organ, you’ve probably heard it right. To conquer his soul with the right gender, conversation not only conquers him but also prohibits the formation of monotony.

How to do it: From romantic to perverted to dirty, it all depends on what your partner is doing. Once you figure out which language you prefer, you’ll also find that role-playing is best suited for the situation.

  1. Her scalp region

Your scalp is one of the best places to touch a woman in bed. A woman’s scalp contains more than one hair. The scalp massage helps release oxytocin, the stress hormone that provides a sense of calm and increases sexual pleasure.

How to do it: Run your fingers through the scalp with your fingertips and nails. Massage the head and neck and behind the ears in an upward circular motion. It works around the scalp, forehead, and base of the neck for a soothing sensory effect.

  1. Her ears region

A woman’s ear is a sensitive place that a woman can touch in bed. It turns out their ears need more than sweet or dirty talk. Stroking, stroking, biting and licking are sensory experiences that the ear receives and generates sexual energy throughout the body.

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How to do it: Since the ears are so sensitive, it makes sense to gently stroke them with your finger and bring your tongue to your lips as a stimulus.

  1. Her neck region

According to Goddard, nearly everyone responds to the sternocleidomastoid muscle (called the SCM), which connects the base of the skull below the ear to the sternum. The throat reacts to the slightest touch, be it in the form of kissing, licking, biting, or orbiting. This is an area not to be missed when looking for a place to touch a woman in bed.

How To Do It: Use your tongue and teeth to work your neck muscles up and down. When you find the pressure and the perfect balance between bite and release, it falls into heavy hands.

  1. Her tongue

The novelty of the first kiss stimulates dopamine in the brain, and the kiss of an old partner releases oxytocin, both of which are brain chemicals that make you happy. A kiss is more than the essential act of sticking the tongue down the throat. A deep, intimate, passionate kiss can release enough oxytocin (a mood-creating hormone) to make it orgasm on its own.

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How to do it: Women don’t usually kiss casually. That said, they don’t like smearing heavy mucous membranes in their mouths, so some men prefer them. They prefer kisses with hard but soft lips, which gives them the freedom to reciprocate whenever they want.

  1. Her tummy

The fact that women are often aware of their middle ground makes it all the more important not to neglect this area. Since the abdominal muscles are connected to the vagina, even mild stimulation in this area can increase arousal because it becomes overcrowded with nerve endings.

What to do: Insert your finger into your stomach, down and back. It stimulates adequate blood flow to the lower area and prolongs its duration.

  1. Her back

Whether at the end of a long day or another, no woman can resist the power of a sensual back massage. The back is full of muscles and nerves that respond positively to touch, and a small part of the back is very sensitive. A sensual back massage has the power to stimulate the nerves in the back, which at the end of a long day can be stress-relieving and refreshing at the same time.

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How to do it: Gently rub the back, especially the waist; the area just above his tailbone was smeared with nerve endings. Use your thumbs to apply pressure as you massage the area on either side of your buttocks.

  1. Her inner thigh

In addition to squats and bags under the eyes, the inner thighs are a sensitive part of the body because of the many nerve endings in this area.

Why are your inner thighs hot? As anyone who has ever struggled hard will tell you, the inner thighs are extremely sensitive to any touch. Apart from bending the knees, the inner thighs are loaded with nerve endings and are often considered one of the most sensitive parts of the body, so gentle touching and licking is best.

How to do it: As you inhale, use light strokes, light leaks, and clicks on the thigh where your mouth enters. When you have oral intimacy with her, gently massage this area to increase blood flow to her private party. Increase stimulation.


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