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8 African Countries Ranked Women Who Have Bigger Buttocks And Hips


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8 African Countries Ranked Women Who Have Bigger Buttocks And Hips

Africa is very much blessed with women who are naturally beautiful and endowed with big booty and hips.

A woman with crazy hips is a whole mood. Another with both wider hips and voluptuous backsides catches attention wherever she goes.

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She is also the kind of cheese burger every strong man must eat in bed.

A recent survey conducted found Kenya to be the African country with the most curvy women. They are closely followed by Nigeria and Tanzania respectively.

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South Africa followed next while Ghana chalked the fifth position on the ranking table.

Uganda beat Liberia to occupy the sixth African country with the most curvy women. Ivory Coast managed the eight position.

Here is how the ranking table looks like.



  1. Tanzania

  2. South Africa

  3. Ghana

  4. Uganda

  5. Liberia

  6. Ivory Coast

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Others under go surgical operations just to have wider round hip and a Big Booty.

Africa is indeed blessed with all these creatures.

Most men , especially African men are now a days always hunting for Bigger Booty and Wider narrow hip Ladies to mingle with or chop in bed


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