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4 Reasons Why Women Lose Interest In Their Husband After Few Years Of Marriage 


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  1. Why woman normally change after marriage, is because the man change in character, such will make your woman lose internet in you. Because she will being to start thinking that this wasn’t the man I got married to some years a go. Because the man changed towards his wife.

  2. Some man after marriage they feel like they is no reason for me to be taking care of my self, because I have already gotten her. That’s worng they will end up not having their beards and not neat. Such turn off their wife. Always be clean and do the right thing you will that your woman will always want to be with you.

  3. Woman don’t likw to be compare with someone else, mostly your friend wife. It not good to so such, even women never compare your man to someone else. Make sure you correct that mistake you noticing.

  4. They can’t be pace in any home where the man or woman always nag, also as a man you always get drunk all the time and you get angry at little things, you will notice that your woman will start losing interest un you.

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